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    Medigest Consulting is a division of Medigest SA providing consulting services mainly to SMEs and Start-ups, by supporting their growth and internationalisation process through a transparent approach dedicated to delivering the maximum satisfaction to the Client. With more than 10 years’ experience, Medigest Consulting’s professionals have developed a set of skills and qualities that provide added value to the Client.


    The ultimate goal is mutual satisfaction and the creation of a relationship with the Client based on trust and transparency. Every approach to the business taken by Medigest Consulting is highly customized according to the wishes and objectives of the Client. This way we are able to operate with a high degree of flexibility without affecting the quality of our performance nor the scope of our work.


    Private companies and governments have always been faced with one big challenge over time and throughout history: how to raise capital to support their development and progress. Medigest Consulting has always been able to provide answers and solutions to this challenge with effectiveness and precision, thanks to its expertise, its network, and the deep knowledge of the various ways available to raise capital.


    Capital collection has evolved over time, taking on very important distinctive traits today.

    Besides analyzing how to raise capital through the most classic methods such as Venture Capital/Private Equity, Business Angels, or Industrial and/or Commercial Partners, our Consulting has developed more and more also around the most innovative methods of capital collection:


    We have been specializing first in Crowdfunding methods and then, in recent years, also in methods based on Cryptocurrencies, from initially working on ICO (Initial Coin Offerings) projects up to offering more and more leading-edge approaches through STO (Security Token Offerings) and even ETO (Equity Token Offerings) projects today.


    Thanks to our constant study and observation of the market and its evolution, Medigest Consulting has been able to support its Clients and meet their requests with continuity and results, by guiding them in the choice of the method which best corresponds to their business and best matches their goals.

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    For more than 10 years, our Team has been collaborating with its network of experts to identify innovative Start-ups and SMEs with potential. Together we help them grow, develop and also internationalise their businesses.

    We help our Clients find the financial resources they need to reach these objectives in the shortest time possible.

    We help them develop their business plans.

    We take on new challenges by working as operational managers for them, to develop the activities identified through the Consultancy process and thus complete each project.


    Specifically, Medigest Consulting facilitates access to methods of capital collection such as Venture Capital and Private Equity through its own network of institutional investors, carefully strengthened over the years by aiming for synergies and specialist expertise.


    It also offers such services as the Analysis & Research of Industrial and/or Commercial Partners to engage them in projects of early-stage companies, with the goal of boosting the latter’s economic development and expansion geographically or commercially and in terms of product range.

    Recently, furthermore, Medigest Consulting has concentrated and confirmed its focus on alternative methods of capital collection based on Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology (Coin Offerings and Token Offerings in particular) and also on Crowdfunding methods with particular emphasis on crowdinvesting and equity crowdfunding.


    Through our story and our expertise, we can offer a range of differentiated and interconnected services.

    In order to do so, we not only assist our Clients by working with them side by side during the Consulting process, but we also support them by operating as ad-interim CEOs or General Managers of their companies up to working as Project Managers for a specific project.


    We support our Clients during each phase of the Consulting process for a solid negotiation aimed at mutual satisfaction.


    In particular, we work with them to:

    • Search for Institutional, Private, Industrial and/or Commercial Investors

    • Search for Industrial and/or Commercial Partners

    • Create & Develop Business plans

    • Access tangible and intangible resources for industrial and/or commercial development

    • Search for the best financing solutions and the best financial resources

    • Facilitate Access to risk capital

    • Draft documents such as Pitches, Teasers, Executive Summaries for extraordinary finance operations (M&A)

    • Facilitate Crowdfunding projects

    • Coordinate projects aiming to increase capital through Crowdfunding.


    In terms of processes involving Cryptocurrencies and, more generally, Blockchain technology, Medigest Consulting provides also relevant expertise and knowledge for:

    • Project Coordination & Management of entire ICO, STO or ETO processes

    • Analysis and Study of reference Token Models for ICO, STO or ETO projects

    • Support during the exchange and the interaction with all the stakeholders involved in a Coin Offering process (Service providers, external consultants, regulatory authorities and other entities)

    • Creation of Business plans, White papers, Pitches specifically for ICO, STO or ETO projects.


    This translates into:

    • a 360° Support & Coordination service for ICO, STO or ETO projects through the collaboration with partner companies specialized in all the legal, fiscal, technical, marketing and, more generally, communication management aspects

    • Support & Coordination for the issuance of tokens such as Utility Tokens, Security Tokens and Equity Tokens

    • Planning for the best methods, in terms of timing and procedure, and for the best ways to raise capital through Blockchain technology.


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    Medigest SA • Via Greina 2, 6900 Lugano • Switzerland • +41 91 210 32 63

    g.massari@medigest.net • www.medigest.net